Ocean Freight Rates - DP World Australia Increase Infrastructure Surcharges

Ocean Freight Rates - DP World Australia Increase Infrastructure Surcharges

D.P World Australia has formalised a notice advising that they will be increasing their Infrastructure Surcharges for all full import and export containers through their Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane container terminals.

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The advised increases are substantial and will take effect from 1st January 2018;

  • Melbourne: $49.20 per container
  • Sydney: $37.65 per container
  • Brisbane: $38.75 per container

These increases come just six months after the initial Infrastructure Levy was imposed by DPWA and only weeks after the ACCC issued the 2016-2017 Annual Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report which noted that "the 'new infrastructure charges' raise issues for the port supply chain".

Whale Logistics along with industry bodies and other representative organisations, continue to oppose these landside cost increases dictated by DPWA. However, after the ACCC’s report and inaction on the subject, changes or regulations on the imposed charges are not likely to be forthcoming.

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