Impact for Australian Importers - Prepare for 2021 second half

Impact for Australian Importers - Prepare for 2021 second half

China Backlog Impact for Australian Importers by Mainstream Media tumbles to sixth in ranking of Australia's most popular  websites, as ABC maintains leadABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Whale Logistics has been talking about the South China impact for a few weeks now. 

Now Australian Mainstream Media are talking about it.   Below useful information for Australian Importers that are dealing with customers' expectations for 2021 second half.


Whale Logistics Analysis of the current situation ex South China:

Shenzhen Supply Vs Demand Snapshot

  • Total Weekly Capacity approximately 24,900 TEU
  • Available Weekly Capacity in June approximately 13,500 TEU
  • Weekly Demand is approximately 25,000 TEU
  • Capacity reduced by 46%
  • Supply Vs Demand @ -51%
  • Backlog End of June = Approximately 45,600 TEU


Outlook Moving Forward

  • Weekly available space capacity will not be back to 100% until August 2021 (best case scenario)
  • Backlog to grow over July due to reduced capacity
  • Backlog and strong demand as we lead into peak period for shipping will put further pressure on available capacity  
  • Rates to continue climbing as competition for limited space escalates
  • Vessels schedules to remain inconsistent due to backlog in Southern China and Terminal in Australia


Mainstream Media Articles explaining the situation:

That will help your sales team to start conversations with your clients:

  1. NEWS.COM.AU - China's Trade Bottleneck

  2. ABC NEWS - Prices of Consumer Goods Are Set To Rise


Our previous blog has some information about how to prepare for the impact:


How to prepare as an importer? Requirements and Analysis:

  • What volumes do you require in the upcoming months?
  • What are the Lead Times you are currently offering your customers?
  • Do you have any sales planned that need to be in Australia by a specific date?
  • How are your current stock levels? What is your standard vs worse case stock predictions?


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