Aug 27 2019

Supply Chain News - Boring Machine to start building Metro Tunnels

The works for the new Metro Tunnel in Victoria continues this month as the new Boring Machines were being transported to start building the underground tunnels.


The project’s first Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Joan – named after Victoria’s first female Premier Joan Kirner – was on her journey towards Kensington, digging the Metro Tunnel.

The second TBM, named Meg after Australian women cricket captain Meg Lanning, will also soon begin digging.

A total of four TBMs are required to finish this project, according to MetroTunnels. TBMs perform two main tasks:

  • Excavating rock and soil with a rotating cutter head at the front of the machine before it is transported via pipes running through and behind the TBM.
  • Progressively installing curved concrete segments to create a watertight lining inside the tunnels.

The transport of TBMs is a big job, as each weighs up to 4000 tons. To minimize disruptions, they are often transported at night time with a large crew of operators and workers.

However, transportation is only one piece of the puzzle. The TBMs are made and assembled in parts. When finished, a TBM can tunnel through rock six times harder than concrete. The face of the cutterhead (the 'drill') is 7.28m in diameter.


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Source: MetroTunnel

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