'We are Whale' - Chi Mai, Marketing/Digital Officer | Whale Logistics Blog

'We are Whale' - Chi Mai, Marketing/Digital Officer | Whale Logistics Blog

In this series on our Whale Logistics blog, we are showcasing the people who move our business and help our customers excel every day. This post features Chi Mai, our Marketing/Digital Officer.

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I'm Chi Mai, I work as a Marketing/Digital Officer from Melbourne. You might have seen all my work through the Whale blog, as well as our various social media. I've been at Whale for just over a year since my final year at university. I studied Commerce at the University of Melbourne with a Management & Marketing Undergraduate.

Why did you choose Whale?

Funny story actually! Ryan Cummings, our current Managing Director, and the Whale Melbourne team met me through my previous work at a fine dining restaurant. They loved my approach to everything digital, and how driven I was, despite still being a university student at the time, so they offered me a position that hasn't yet existed at Whale! Safe to say, I was very flattered, and of course, eager to jump in and learn all about this new industry.

What are you excited to explore at Whale?

Throughout my time at Whale I have developed deep knowledge not only about supply chain and freight forwarding, but the different roles and functions in a digitally driven business. I'm so excited to take Whale further and explore different digital projects to make a huge difference to our people, technology, and processes. This is an area I think is so undervalued, especially in such a traditional industry as freight. Australia is also slightly behind the world being so far away from everyone - but with the various projects I have underway I am confident that Whale can set a whole new standard for the freight industry in Australia!

What do you think is the key to success in supply chain and logistics?

Well if you had ask me this a year ago I would probably think the systems and processes, and don't get me wrong, they are absolutely crucial, but I think the #1 key to success in logistics is the people. Technology cannot replace human connection, and there are so many times where things can go wrong. Our job as a logistics professional (aka a human being) is to ensure those are minimized, and if they do happen, for them to be resolved quickly and efficiently. That's the difference between success and failure in supply chain and logistics.

chi mai marketing officer whale logistics

What makes you excited to come to work every day?

My role is so flexible (as I work from home in Melbourne), so I'm excited that the supply chain industry is becoming so accessible. I genuinely find it so rewarding to educate others about supply chain, and I love putting my own creative flair into it, so marketing is perfect for me! 

What's your favourite hobby outside of work?

Walking my dog, Wicket. He's a handful but he definitely brightens up my day. Painting, drawing, cooking, photography, making jewellery, I love a bit of everything! I'm a natural creative so I'm always happy in the sun with my camera and a glass of chilled wine.

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