'We are Whale' - Jarrod Collins, Customer Service Manager | Whale Logistics Team

'We are Whale' - Jarrod Collins, Customer Service Manager | Whale Logistics Team

In this series on our Whale Logistics blog, we are showcasing the people who move our business and help our customers excel every day. This post features Jarrod Collins, our Customer Service Manager.


I'm Jarrod Collins and I'm the Customer Service Manager at Whale Logistics. I've been at Whale Logistics for 13 months. Before Whale I worked at DHL in the air freight area, and from there I moved to sea freight operations as well. I've been with four different freight forwarders in the past before settling with Whale Logistics Australia.

Why did you choose Whale?

Firstly, due to the location. There are not many freight forwarders in Geelong, where I live, and so when Whale Logistics Australia decided to open up a branch in Geelong, I thought it was a great opportunity. Ryan Cummings, our Managing Director was great in helping me transition over and showing that the company really values its local community.

What do you think is the key to success in freight forwarding?

I think communication; visibility - being able to forsee failures and know how to act on them; and building relationships

Where do you see Whale going?

Whale is a new company in Australia, but we are nimble and strong. With the way Ryan [Cummings] is steering the company at the moment regarding our technology advances and the hiring of experienced people within the industry, I can see Whale growing in strength, and I'm excited to be a part of it.


What's your favourite hobby outside of work?

Learning would be my favourite hobby. Right now, I'm reading up about theology - I like watching studies and going to conferences to learn about new things.

My family is also important to me. And in a way, Whale is like my second family, and we have get togethers all the time. I love that hard work is rewarded and I feel appreciated for the effort that I put in every day. So I'm really excited to be part of the Whale team and thankful to have the opportunity to be part of its growth!

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