'We are Whale' - Natalia Simonovic, Business Development Manager | Whale Logistics Blog

'We are Whale' - Natalia Simonovic, Business Development Manager | Whale Logistics Blog

In this series on our Whale Logistics blog, we are showcasing the people who move our business and help our customers excel every day. This post features Natalia Simonovic, our Business Development Manager.


I'm Natalia Simonovic, I am a Business Development Manager. I started Whale as a part timer for almost a year and a half, and recently took on a full time role at the head office in Sydney.

I'm originally from Argentina. I studied business at university and came to Australia after travelling all over the world. After university I worked for a company called GPE Logistics that was mainly handling traffic out of the U.S. into Australia, so that was my main trade lane. I stayed there for almost seven years, and gained a lot of experience.

After that I decided to build my own consultancy helping other businesses grow. I used my knowledge gained from other companies on trade links between America and Australia, to help businesses like Whale. 

Why did you choose Whale?

I liked the way that the team at Whale works together; how Whale approaches freight forwarding is really interesting. I thought that Ryan Cummings has a beautiful team, within which people help each other and work together, and that's truly important. I believe that the success of a company depends on the human potential, and if you don't work together with your work mates there's no way you can solve our customers' problems. 

So I think that one of the key ingredients is that the way Whale all works together and they were so friendly even when I was an outsider always make me feel part of the team.

I also appreciate that Whale also look for changes and challenges and always try to stay on top of the game, which some companies don't do. Some companies just teach merits and never try to change or improve, but Whale strives to improve and make things better all the time.

What do you think is the key to success in supply chain and logistics?

I think communication is really important. That includes communication with the shipping lines, airlines, to stay on top of industry changes, as well as communication with the clients. I like to always tell the client everything that's happening, and keep them informed when or even before when anything changes. It's sort of the anticipation and preparation that helps with the process and contributes to the great service that we do here. Freight forwarding is a service industry, so you need to communicate a lot with your customers and your suppliers.

Where do you see Whale going? 

I think Whale has a great base and a lot of human potential like I was saying. The staff at Whale have a really solid foundation, and our teamwork is really effective in getting resolutions for customers. Like any business, it takes time, but I can see that we are going to grow bigger and develop even further. For example, services like our Vision Technologies system that allows customers to see shipments live, that's something that is crucial in the e-commerce driven environment these days.

We will also enhance our American trade lanes with my help and also widens Whale's trade lanes and provide customers with more connections to all parts of the world.


What makes you excited to come to work every day?

I think all the technologies we have and even fun things like having a blog post featuring everyone in the office! I'm learning more about all the technology and how it can be incorporated to help customers, so that's really exciting for me.

From a teamwork perspective, I think Steven and Ryan are really great role models  for me. I think that's really important, because I have so much to learn from them. I'm not a person that sits still for very long, so that challenging aspect is really exciting for me and I am very excited to grow and learn more about freight forwarding.

What's your favourite hobby outside of work?

I love surfing and dancing! I do a lot of salsa dancing, and I just love being in nature so that's why I love surfing. I also meditate every day, and it helps me keep focused.

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