Whale Logistics - Cargo Tracking Technology Drives Productivity

Whale Logistics - Cargo Tracking Technology Drives Productivity

Whale Logistics shares our story on how we ensure efficient logistics for our customers using real time driven technology - CargoWise One.

The developers of the CargoWise One System were so impressed with our innovative use of their system that they recently asked us to participate in a case study. They wanted to share our story with their clients and potential new users of the system. Our team was delighted to be able to demonstrate how they are able to streamline processes for any logistics model, drive efficiency and increase visibility.

The story so far

When Whale Logistics set up operations in Australia, we were conscious of the continual need to cut costs and drive efficiency. We knew we needed to create a nimble and efficient operation in order to exceed market demands and achieve our growth targets. It was clear to us that technology would be the answer for creating a performance driven business, and we were eager to invest in a solution that could meet our needs initially and into the future.

workflow is increased with total visibility of what when and where things are

Workflow is increased with total visibility of what, when, and where things are

Driving efficiency

At the core of our decision making was the need to keep costs down, which meant processes needed to be streamlined and automated. We were also conscious of the growing need for transparency and visibility for our clients. With the rapid pace of business, it’s vital they are able to track their cargo at every step of its journey and know when it will arrive. In addition, we wanted to have systems in place that will ensure quicker, simpler, more efficient customs clearance. We found that CargoWise One, from Wisetech Global met our needs perfectly.

cargo tracking software technology allows efficient logistics


Designing the systems

With a wealth of experience across all aspects of Logistics, our team were able to develop internal processes that would leverage this powerful tool. Our processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) were built into the Cargowise workflow application. This allowed the Whale Operations, Customer Services and Sales teams to become 100% paperless, reducing the need for paper files and eliminating human error. We have built a sophisticated administrative platform that will effortlessly scale as we grow and evolve.

Cargowise workflow provides each individual, department and management strong visibility of what tasks are overdue, current and future tasks empowering our team to take control and manage the process with greater efficiency. The end result is an innovative solution that allows us to deliver The Whale Distinction.

cargowise workflow used by whale logistics team to increase visibility and efficiency of tasks

Our team uses Cargowise Workflow daily to keep on top of tasks and ensure efficiency and flow for our customers

Implementation of the system has been a success, it effortlessly supports our on-going efforts to improve service delivery and performance so we were thrilled to be able to share our story.

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