Whale Logistics supports research on renewables for the future

Whale Logistics supports research on renewables for the future

This year, Whale has again given support to the research of bio-ethanol as a source of fuel for the future and how to utilise it more effectively and efficiently, done by Dr Yuan Huang (PHD) from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Dr Yuhan Huang (PHD) presented his findings at the SAE International Powertrain Fuels & Lubricants Meeting, hosted at Tsinghua University this year, which is a prestigious event for automotive researchers and engineers globally.

Dr Yuhan Huang SAE International Powertrain Fuels & Lubricants Meeting Whale Logistics sponsor

Whale has always been committed to building a more sustainable future in all aspects of our practices, including going paper-less, as well as supporting community projects and initiatives.

Whale is excited about investing and partnering with the UTS in their research and development of eco-driving technology for transport fleets to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

With Whale's support, UTS are partnering with the Hong Kong government department of environmental protection to conduct this vital and environmentally beneficial research project.


Ryan Cummings (Managing Director) and Dr Huang in Whale's Sydney office

Not just eco-technology, but eco-freight forwarding is also in the near future. By optimizing our workflow, increasing our efficiency and providing efficient transport routes, team Whale is making the future a little greener every day.

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