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International Parcel Delivery Services Comparison | Whale Logistics Blog

If you are a product-based ecommerce business shipping internationally, selecting the right courier might be a confusing step to navigate. Shipping from Australia to the rest of the world is often expensive, as we are so far away from everyone else. The good news is, there is an option for everyone, and we go through these in this blog post.

international parcel delivery comparison


Couriers are companies who own trucks, drivers, and the network - in other words, they are the ones who will deliver your packages. Choose your courier wisely, as a long term relationship may result in better savings, greater delivery rate, and happier customers.



DHL is a German logistics company that is a global conglomerate in the international parcel delivery realm. With over 360,000 employees worldwide, delivering to 260 countries, you are able to send your parcel to anywhere in the world.

For ecommerce shipments, you have the option to select between a few solutions that DHL offers. DHL eCommerce allows small parcels to be sent as low as $8.50 from Australia to USA. If you have a business that sends small, lightweight packages, such as accessories and jewellery, DHL eCommerce is a cost effective solution, with packages delivered to most locations from 3-14 business days. Pick-ups are available daily in major cities for $10 if you are outside Sydney (their sorting depot).

DHL also has express shipping options for both individuals and businesses. For businesses, you may get up to 50% off international parcel delivery prices with 3 tiers of service - next day delivery, by 9am, or by 12pm. DHL also allows your customer to choose how they would like to receive their parcel in case they are not at home to receive it.



FedEx is a courier company based in USA, providing international courier services to over 200 countries. FedEx is known for its reliability, real-time tracking, and standardised service. If you are a business that ships frequently overseas and need urgent and reliable service, FedEx is a good option.

FedEx has a number of solutions for businesses, from their most cost-effective International Economy starting from $25 with parcels delivered in as little as 2-6 business days. Their Priority services start at $50 for 0.5kg with multi-level discounts for larger volume businesses.

If you are a business that does regular shipments to and from the USA, FedEx is a reliable service with many options to suit your needs. If your business does not need express or urgent shipments, FedEx may be slightly on the higher cost side.



TNT is a subsidiary of FedEx, headquartered in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. They act as a 'mini freight-forwarder', or 3PL, that specialises in one-off shipments & small parcels and documents. Their services range from air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, to normal documents, parcel, and express shipments. TNT is a great solution for you if you are a low-volume importer, and need once-off shipments cleared quickly and efficiently.

TNT deals with mostly micro businesses and once off importers/exporters, and so to see pricing you must get in touch with their sales team. As for the level of service re deliveries, TNT uses FedEx's network, which is well-known to be highly efficient, particularly if you are importing from overseas to Australia. If you are delivering domestically in Australia, however, we would advise you to read our domestic provider blog post to explore more options before committing to one courier.

Postal services

Postal services are a great option for individuals and low-volume businesses. They are cost-effective and deliver good results if you are after a 'no-frills' solution. Postal services differ from couriers in that they rely mostly on in-country postal systems, and can tend to be slow due to lack of facilities.

Australia Post


Now of course you can go the normal route and use Australia Post for your international shipments. If you are already delivering with Australia Post domestically, you may be able to negotiate pricing with Australia Post to get discounts for your international parcel forwarding.

China and Australia has particularly good relations in terms of trade, and therefore if you are shipping to China regularly you may benefit from using Australia Post as your international parcel forwarder. Whale also provides add-on services of warehousing and distribution, using Australia Post, for businesses with China-based customers, which are highly cost effective and efficient.

If you are shipping to international countries other than China, you may need to review your options carefully as Australia Post is not a courier, and they will use in-country services, such as USPS, Royal Mail, etc. to deliver on the final leg. As a result there may be significant delays, and it is always advisable to add tracking and signature delivery if you are delivering to international destinations.


In summary, your business needs will largely determine which international parcel forwarding solution is the right one for you. If you are a once-off or low-volume importer/exporter, TNT is suitable for door-to-door handling of your shipment. If you ship regularly all over the world and need a cost-effective solution, try DHL eCommerce. If your customers are based mainly in the USA, getting a FedEx contract may be beneficial; and if they are in China, Australia Post is a great place to start.

No matter your international forwarding need, Whale Logistics can help with customizing your solution. We have an established relationship with multi-national couriers and Australia Post and can help you find the best solution for your domestic and international parcel fulfillment needs.

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