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6 Ways To Win This Retail Holiday Season

Even though it's October, the holiday season is already in full swing. The importance of retail's performance in the coming months can determine a company's trajectory in a year where the industry[...]

Supply Chain Tips - How to Prepare for Peak Season Trading

With the peak holiday season around the corner, be equipped to handle everything supply chain side, and expect the unexpected. This blog post covers some of the tips from our perspective as[...]

Supply Chain Commentary - Taking the human error out of supply-chain planning

Slow, manual supply-chain planning processes can be a thing of the past, with machines taking on repetitive tasks that aren’t a good use of human capacity. (Source: McKinsey)

Supply Chain Case Study - Reducing Packaging Costs Boosts Bottom Line | Church's Chicken

Church's Chicken found a global supplier that could cost effectively supply the paperboard it uses in food boxes. The case study highlights the importance of sourcing the right packaging materials[...]

Real-time Freight Management Is the Bridge Between Retailer and Freight Forwarder

How many times have you called your freight forwarder to check up on where your vessel is, to not receive word for hours or days? Retailers and shippers are now demanding real-time freight[...]

Blockchain Technology - The Latest Hype In Freight Forwarding

Ever heard of blockchain technology? How about Bitcoin? Blockchain is the latest hype in the supply chain and freight forwarding industry - with good reason.

How to Make the Most of Technology for Your Supply Chain

It is no doubt that technology is the core of everything we do today. Yet, many organisations don't know how to make the most of technology for their supply chain. How do you ensure that your[...]

Parcel Delivery Services Comparison - Domestic Australia | Whale Logistics Blog

If you are a product-based ecommerce starting out in Australia, the journey to find the right courier or parcel delivery service for your business may be hard. Between Australia Post, StarTrack,[...]

Self-Driving Trucks - Is it too soon? | Whale Logistics Blog

Self-driving trucks are already here, and are closer to reality than you may think. Riddled with precautions, is it too soon for driver-less trucks to be on the road?

Supply Chain Management Software Comparison 2018 | Whale Logistics Blog

This article compares some of the top supply chain management softwares currently in the market in 2018, including SAP, Oracle, JDA Software, and Llamasoft.

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