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Supply Chain News - How Blockchain Tracking Technology Could Revolutionise Australia's Food Industry

The global race is on to find the best way to track where our food is coming from as consumers become more aware of what they are eating and technology makes it easier to follow supply chains.

Freight Forwarding News - New China Low Sulphur Emission Surcharge Outlined by Shipping Lines (November 2018)

Following recent updates on IMO’s new 0.50% limit on sulphur in ships fuel oil, the Marine Environment Protection Committe (MEPC) has regulated that the sulphur content of any fuel oil used on[...]

Supply Chain News - Could hydrogen cars be the answer to a sustainable supply chain?

Australian fuel could soon be in high demand for hydrogen-powered cars across Asia, as it's the first time hydrogen cars have been powered with a fuel derived from ammonia.

Supply Chain News: Analysis Predicts Oil and Diesel Prices to Soar, Leading to Recession

In April, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued new rules that will mandate cargo ships reduce sulfur emissions either from moving to what will be more expensive low sulfur fuels or[...]

Sustainable Transport & Forwarding: the Future of SCM | Whale Logistics Australia

Sustainability in transport and forwarding is inherent in the future of supply chain management. But how do you incorporate and transition to a more green supply chain?