The 7 steps Process of Sea (Ocean) Freight Forwarding | Whale Logistics Blog

The 7 steps Process of Sea (Ocean) Freight Forwarding | Whale Logistics Blog


Part of the Freight Forwarding Basics series, in this blog post, we are covering the 7 steps of international freight forwarding (shipping).

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  • Shipper: a person/company dealing with shipment at supplier end.
  • Consignee: a person/company dealing with shipment at receiving end.
  • Freight Forwarder: the logistics provider (for road, ship or air transportation).
  • Shipping Line: company carrying product related cargo.

Step 1. Export haulage:

The first step involves the movement of the products’ cargo from shipper’s to forwarder’s premises. Products usually get transported by road or railways or a combination of both.

Step 2. Export customs clearance:

It is a type of official regulatory formality involving submission of valid and required documents to the concerned authorities.

Step 3. Origin handling:

This step covers all physical handling, inspection, and loading of the cargo; at the supplier End’s warehouse. This is coordinated by the freight forwarder.

Step 4. Ocean freight: 

To meet the required timeline for shipments, freight forwarder schedules shipping line for transportation. This step not only covers costs involved in shipping from port-to-port but also the levied surcharges like currency adjustment factor, exchange rates, etc.

Step 5. Import customs clearance:

This process can begin even before the arrival of cargo at the US. This clearance is performed by customs house broker appointed by the consignee.

Step 6. Destination handling:

This involves transportation and unloading of cargo from port to destination warehouse.

Step 7. Import haulage:

The final step of actual delivery of the product to the consignee and ultimately to the consumer. 

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