The 'One-Click' Generation And How It Is Putting Pressure On Australian Businesses

The 'One-Click' Generation And How It Is Putting Pressure On Australian Businesses

Not so long ago, receiving packages or parcels a week a more from date of purchase was to be expected. However, the rise of ecommerce giants and their logistical advances, such as Amazon’s ‘one-click’, and The ICONIC’s ‘next-day delivery’, means that today, the consumer expects immediate delivery on all purchases (even when not buying online).

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It doesn’t matter if you are in a remote area or in the middle of the CBD, customers are demanding goods to be delivered fast. The existence of omni-channel shopping and the idea of ‘showrooming’ and ‘webrooming’ has caused industry-wide implications to the state of retail. As such, this expectation is so inbuilt into the consumer’s psychological perception of value that companies can lose sales easily if they are unable to satisfy the lightning-speed delivery at a competitive rate.

Many retailers and businesses in Australia are starting to realise this and are asking questions on how to improve their supply chain efficiency. Whilst the technology advances already exist, the major issues relate to management catching up with the newest developments to keep costs down while reducing transit times.

This has always been a challenge for importers and purchasing managers as they are dealing with marketing promises and sky-high customer expectations.

To answer the above dilemma, we have to make sure that businesses' operations can satisfy customers’ ‘one-click’ mindset by transforming the organisation from inside out. For instance, we need to look at everyday processes and make them exceptional and compliant with best warehouse and operations practice. Warehouse layouts & operations need to be set up for optimal efficiency to achieve competitive delivery targets. Think about it, how often does a simple error in a document cause a week delay?

Believe it or not, the small details DO matter, and that is why we care. At Whale we like to look after our customers’ needs from a holistic perspective, and transform it from inside out. It starts from understanding our customers’ major challenges, such as labour increases/decreases, new product lines; but we go beyond that to also examine customer behaviour, to then work out a solution to reduce delays and improve corporate-level satisfaction.

In these new times of instant consumer gratification, businesses will need to assess their entire supply chain efficiency to stay in business. Without a doubt, timeliness and accuracy of delivery is becoming a key point of difference between competing businesses.

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