'We are Whale' - Damien Gale, Forwarding Manager | Whale Logistics Blog

'We are Whale' - Damien Gale, Forwarding Manager | Whale Logistics Blog

In this series on our Whale Logistics blog, we are showcasing the people who move our business and help our customers excel every day. This post features Damien Gale, our Forwarding Manager.

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I'm Damien Gale, I'm the Forwarding Manager here at Whale Logistics Australia. I look after the exports, imports ,and all the invoices of our clients. I was here when we first started. I was working with Ryan Cummings at one of the previous companies, and Ryan said that he was going out on his own. He invited me to come with him, and it seemed like a great opportunity, so I didn't even think twice about it.

I started I think when I was just turned 18, so that was 22 years ago, just mainly working in imports started off as most people did back back in the day and driving around as a House Clerk picking up documents. That role doesn't really exist anymore because everything's all electronic. I then moved into the office, and was at a previous company for 15 years working as Import Manager there.

Why did you choose Whale?

Well I enjoy working with Ryan. We had a really tight core group when we first started the company. I knew Ryan's great to work for, and if I could lend him my 20 years experience to help the company grow, I'd happily do it. It was definitely a challenge to me too, to see what we can do starting from scratch. It was a little bit scary - what if it doesn't work? But that's the whole point of challenging and pushing yourself. And that's certainly what we've done here. 

It was very exciting. There was five of us permanent staff moving into a new office. A few of them were still at the old office and it was because I live just up the road, once the doors opened I was in this office all by myself. So it was just me working away in here for about a week and a half. No one else was in the office and you sort of look around now and you see all these cubicles with people sitting there and everything.

What do you think is the key to success in supply chain and logistics?

You've just got to remain customer-focused. It's a very tight industry with very small profit margins and everyone trying to undercut everyone else. Most clients don't don't choose on a rate they choose on a service; if they're happy with the service you're providing they're always going to stay with you.

But the minute you don't have proper service, there's always someone willing to come in and say that we can provide what they can't. So it's always 100 percent customer-orientated to remain at the top or wherever you'd like to put us [chuckles].


Where do you see Whale going? 

I think there's pretty much endless possibilities for Whale. We like to put ourselves as a market leader when it comes to technology. Things are a lot easier than what they used to be, and Whale is always trying to stay one step ahead of its competitors to provide customers with the best possible service.

What's your favourite hobby outside of work?

Just anything involving sport really. I love watching. I love playing; my body's a little bit broken from too many years of playing rugby league now so getting back out there and playing is sometimes not that much of an option anymore.

I used to get out and surf as well, but not as much now as my kids are a big responsibility.

The Whale Culture

It's really enjoyable to be here and no matter how much the kids were driving you mad in the morning screaming and throwing tantrums because they didn't want to go to get dressed to go to kindergarten. When they've gone, and you walk through the door, you're greeted with your mates rather than work mates. It's such a good environment to work in because you know that there's a job to be done, but you're going to have a bit of a giggle along the way, and that's the great thing about Whale.

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